This blog used to be about a coffee stall, hence the sunrises and chalk board tabs above. The blog bit was all about the year or so dreaming of a shop, the eventual opening of the stall, its short-lived life and subsequent demise. It was fun, but now we have a proper shop called The Fields Beneath, which will be written about here, and may bore to tears, anyone not currently involved in or interested in opening or running a cafe.

Almost half what I’ve learnt about coffee has been from other people’s blogs (1,2,3) and twitter, but when it got to the questions about leases, fridges and licensing, googling brought up not much at all. People simply don’t like sharing their mistakes, it seems. Personally I can’t see anything but good things coming from sharing how many cock-ups I’m about to make, as I suspect others are willing to share their experiences and opinions, given a little push.

Semi-helpful business advisers to Gavin & Sibylle


29 responses to “About

  1. This guy wants to make YOUR shirts. PS. Me and Rainman are determined to send you gifts soon … you will love what comes out of the Balzat Factory.

  2. so THIS is where you’ve hiding Gav! Well done you, will have to get down and get some coffee soon


  3. Excellent work young man, excellent work!

  4. Rad. Thanks for a good couple cuppas today.

  5. Love it!

  6. Since we were talking about burgers this morning http://youngandfoodish.com/london/top-10-burgers-in-london/
    Thanks for the excellent flat whites!

  7. This is brilliant! Can’t wait to pop by!

  8. ***Breaking News Gav***

    Thursday 15th December. Tatoo it on your forehead – it’s THE event of the festive season:

    ‘The Official Open Office Christmas Party’ brought to you by Shareagift.com (me and Hose), featuring such illustrious personages as Miss Rebecca Wheeler and YOU my friend, as guests of honour. Block out your diary from here til next Palm Sunday, it’s gonna be huge. x

  9. Hi Gavin! — Back in the US and missing the brilliant flat whites from SATS. Hope 2012 is amazing year for you ….

  10. Caz the Cat... Meow.

    Jerk chicken rice and peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeas. And a yummy latte please. No sugar, of course. Have a happy thursday. 10? x

  11. Lovely coffee. Gave you a little shout out here: http://www.from-london-with-love.com


  12. Love this site as much as the coffee, Gavin. I can’t afford to see my therapist for a while so I’m bonkers on the loose! I’ll keep popping by virtually to find out your new location, if I don’t make it back to the current one before.
    Sophie (aka the one whose name you can’t remember) x
    (if you’re bored have a quick look at ‘Addict’ on my blog, where you can savour some facts (old ones but true at the time), which is right next to this: http://mumbojumbosoph.wordpress.com/2008/05/30/to-my-espresso-machine/)

  13. Gavin !!
    just heard that you gave in your notice, at the coffee stall,Shame you couldn’t make it work, good luck, for your next venture.


  14. The latte I had yesterday in Primrose hill was the best coffee I have ever had! Thanks for being a coffee genius and keep doing what you do best!

  15. Also, what was the beans you used again?

    • was using square mile’s red brick. if you’re back this weekend, using their capao from tomorrow. cheers for the first post

  16. Gavin! We were so sad to see you packing up today. You make the best lattes I’ve ever had, not to mention the mouth-watering brownies! We wish you the best of luck continuing SATS!

    I’m giving you a shout out on my blog: http://reddoeslondon.blogspot.com/

    ~Allie, Kirstin, Maggie, & Leah

  17. Hey Gavin!
    Had no idea that last week was your last at the bridge!..
    I WILL now go to Costa’s.. (No way!)
    Your coffees made my day.. Nice to know that there are people out there who know what’s a real coffee!
    Hope to see you again soon,
    Good Luck!
    Ps: Cool website!!!

  18. Can I suggest Kentish Town as a potential location? It is undergoing a bit of a foodie revival!

  19. Somebody took your place on the bridge, and I popped by to try a flat white. It’s not even on the same level as yours. 😦

  20. To clarify, it’s nowhere near your flat whites…

  21. Where can I get the milk you used for your coffee – it was amazing!

  22. Good luck to you guys will pop up for A coffee

  23. Loved hanging at the shop yesterday Gavin, you’ve built a beautiful space that’s intimate & friendly with great coffee! The only thing that puzzled me on the way home was – where the heck do you guys go to the bathroom!?

  24. Hey Gavin, was great to meet you yesterday, thanks for letting me hang out and enjoy your coffee. I’ve had to put myself in the recovery position, because that date and almond cake is so good, I fear I may eat myself into a food-coma. Hit me up when you get a chance, would be good to see you next week.

  25. Gav… where is the new shop.. I’ve been a coffee hobo since you left the bridge, wandering the streets looking for somewhere to fill the void… nowhere has come close.. details needed.. the Irish ‘flattie’ guy

    • from the TV prod place owner by Murdoch’s wife, right?
      Yeah, come down Ronan, we’re just up through the street where The Enterprise pub corners. It’s at Kentish Town West Station. I’ll be there all Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Looking forward to seeing you again!

      • Hey Gav not working over that way anymore but will try swing by some Saturday. Hope the shop is going well, what happened to the library plan.. take care ronan

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